Carga IMO



Please send all IMO information (MSDS / DGD) per email to the local Santos office for approval before the cargo loaded for all Brazilian ports. You must always manifest the full IMO information (packing list group, Class and UN) on documents (MBL, HBL & Cargo Manifest).
HAZ CARGO cannot be shipped without previous authorization from CRAFT/CONTACT/SLOT. For all others you must send us a copy of the DGD per email for approval before loading.


IMOS Prohibiteds in each port of Brazil


* You, cannot load the IMO cargo in reefer container.

Itajaí / Navegantes


Rio de Janeiro

* You, cannot load the IMO cargo in reefer container.

* The MSDS (in Portuguese) has to show the correct value of the degrees for each manifested cargo for storage (generally 40º pls check with the shipper)

* The MSDS(in Portuguese) has to show the correct name of cargo for each manifested cargo on and MSDS the hbl (the names of the products have to be exactly the same between hbl


We cannot accept initially:

Batteries , PG II and PG I

Cargos IMO without PG and Aerosols

Saves life (boats, etc)


Please also advise the shipper that his Consignee will be requestsed to present an IMO Form called FISQP in Portuguese, otherwise OUR CONTAINER will not be discharged at the port.


Rio Grande


Suape / Manaus


Any doubts about Imo Cargoes? Contact us!

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